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Ed Oakley & the Enlightened Leadership team

First of all, I’ll gladly put my reputation on the line with that title.

Today I led a webinar for over 400 people in one industry that was the first in a series of 5 called Turning Managers into Leaders(The client preferred that over our trademarked Making Managers into Leaders).

We started out the webinar in a way that I’ve never done before, and it was a big hit – very empowering. It was called “Seeing Yourself and Leadership Differently.”

It reminded me of just how powerful this particular learning segment is.

So, I got to thinking as we’re close to announcing our special offer for new memberships that you might really appreciate experiencing the content that was so well received. This content has been a huge impact for so many people, just like it was for me personally decades ago when Kurt Wright of Clear Purpose Management introduced it to me. I’ve never seen it anywhere else.

We’ve pulled an audio segment of it right out of our Making Managers into Leaders paid membership files to share with you.

This process and concept can change your life and WILL be empowering. It will be worth far more than the 25 minute you’ll investment to listen to it. Our members can even download this and all our other content to their iPods or other mp3 players.

Take advantage of it now – while it’s here. No guarantee we’ll leave it up.

Listen to the audio now. Share it with your team members.

Helping you bring out the best in yourself,

Ed Oakley & the Enlightened Leadership team

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We’ve received some great feedback, including some suggesting we should show some sample content from our Making Managers into Leaders Institute, our online learning portal. Great idea!

First, Ed Oakley will share one more important aspect of effective leadership skill development.

Then, we will share one of our weekly learning videos, that you can use with your team as a team-based learning opportunity. Think about the value of every team member, one at a time, getting this kind of feedback. Talking about a team-building exercise!

IMPORTANT: Because the following video is in our “members only” area, you will need a password to watch the 8.5 minute video. The password is  “feedback360” without the quotes.

Watch: “Getting Awesome Feedback without Costly 360 Assessments” now.

You’ll need a password. It is …    feedback360

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Ed Oakley and the Enlightened Leadership team

Ed Oakley follows up his conversation about how much more effective team-based learning is compared to trying to learn on our own with an important component of successful team-based learning.

This video addresses the importance of very deliberately focusing the team effort on what the greatest opportunity is – and how to determine that opportunity.

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Ed Oakley & the Enlightened Leadership team

Hi, it’s Ed Oakley. In my last video, I discussed both the importance of developing and mastering your leadership skills – especially right now with all the changes and everything going on with the economy – and doing so as a team. If you haven’t seen that video, I encourage you to watch it – it might even be better if you watched that one first, as this video builds on the learnings of that first one. You’ll find the link just beneath the video.

Today, I want to talk about an important aspect of team-based learning Read More→

Developing your leadership skills is critical to your ongoing success and prosperity, so it is important that you understand some significant problems/challenges/issues with leadership development processes. After 23 years in the leadership development business, we are just realizing the impact of some of the issues.

It is also important that you begin to consider solutions for you and your organization. Feel free to share the video with your colleagues, and please leave your comments below:

Please share your perspectives below!

To the total health of you and your team,

Ed Oakley and the Enlightened Leadership team

Hi it’s Ed Oakley. We’ve discovered some significant problems with leadership development Read More→

This morning’s The Denver Post came with a front-page article titled, “Thinking Like a Factory Helps Heal Hospital’s Bottom Line.” It was an excellent article about how the Denver Health Medical Center has saved many jobs and much money by asking the right questions, a critical leadership skill. They asked two questions:

What are the things that keep you from working efficiently?
Are there things you see happening to patients that shouldn’t?

These two excellent questions demonstrate “enlightened leadership” and address efficiency/effectiveness and patient safety/satisfaction. The answers were definitely “in the room,” as was indicated by some of the data. The overall process they were using is lean conversion, which respects people and their value, while using their talent to address process issues.

Peg Burnette, chief financial officer, said that since its Lean conversion (process started) in 2005, the city’s public health system has benefited to the tune of $54 million in increased revenue, money not spent, and expenses cut.

Our people DO have the solutions we need to deal with the challenges we face! Enlightened Leadership Solutions has lots of online tools to help you ask the right questions and deal with the challenges and perspectives of greatly enhancing the effectiveness of your organization.

Hats off to the DHMC leadership team! They are making a difference. And doing so in a tough environment.

The Enlightened Leadership Team

I’m really impressed with how a local organization that promotes a service called WeeklyPlus has distinguished themselves!

What they do is send out by email a weekly coupon for a service in the Denver, CO area. The deals are often very good. For example, I’ve paid $2 for a $12 car wash and $29 for a full-hour massage. I like it because I can quickly determine if I have any interest in their current offer. If I do, I next look at the location of the service to see if it is convenient for me. I waste very little time with the decision. I like that.

How did they distinguish themselves?

Here’s what happened. I bought six weeks of personal training for only $29. It was an amazing deal. I had a few months to cash it in, and guess what I did. I waited until the last minute. Anybody else ever do that?

But, finally I was ready to set my first appointment, so I called the number – twice, because I got a disconnected number message. Well, you guessed it. They had gone out of business.

Since I wasn’t sure, I contacted WeeklyPlus to see if they knew about the situation. They didn’t know it either, but agreed to look into it. They called back with confirmation that the company was out of business. They shocked me with what happened next!

They offered to return my money or give me credit! No hesitation whatsoever. They wanted me to be happy. That was a distinguishing decision, and you can bet that I am a happy customer who promotes their business. That was totally unexpected!

What are you doing to distinguish yourself and/or your business? It could make all the difference in the demand for your services.

Are you distinguishing yourself through leadership? It’s a great way for all of us as individuals.

Here’s to Distinguishing Yourself!

Ed Oakley

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Ed shares a powerful personal story about how his wife distinguished herself by providing leadership when Ed was faced with a major challenge. It is a great learning example about the impact of leadership – even when we are stuck in fear!

What thoughts does this video bring up for you? How do you relate? Let us know in the comments below.

ps: If you’re eager to learn more about our program for Distinguishing Yourself,
you can check it out HERE.

Here’s to your Distinguishing Yourself and making a difference in your life! :-)

The Enlightened Leadership Team

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Ed Oakley furthers the discussion in Part 2 about why you must Distinguish Yourself now and how. He also brings in a number of key points from a new book by Seth Godin, “Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?”

What thoughts come up for you about this topic? Leave your comments below.

Here’s to Distinguishing Yourself!

The Enlightened Leadership Team

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Ok, hopefully you’re getting some sense of why it’s important, even critical, for you to distinguish yourself – particularly in this economic environment. In fact the timing is really good right now for positioning yourself for a great future.

But how do you distinguish yourself and/or your team and/or your organization? Part 1 of this series gets into that with this 8 minute video by Ed Oakley.

Enjoy and share your comments. Agree? Disagree? How are you relating?

What comes to mind for you? What else could we address to help you Distinguish Yourself?

Ed Oakley and the Enlightened Leadership Team

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