Leadership is the Solution to TWO Recessions


Seth Godin has provided some interesting and highly probably insights about the impact of our shifting from the industrial society to a connection society. There are many implications for our entire society,

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but especially those people who depend upon manufacturing for jobs.

Because we’re in the middle of a shift to a connected society, manufacturing can happen anywhere. Anyone can virtually design, have manufactured cheaply and sell products from wherever they happen to be. They no longer need to be associated with the factory. More and more, we won’t need the factories. Sorry, but I think he is right.

So, what’s the opportunity? Develop yourself into a linchpin for whatever you’re doing or want to do. That’s Seth’s terminology. To me, a linchpin is a leader. The best thing you can do for yourself is to develop your leadership. Leadership is about bringing out the best in individuals, teams and organizations. That is and will always be in very high demand.

It doesn’t matter the industry or business. Good leadership is desperately needed. Furthermore, leadership is not rocket science, and has absolutely nothing to do with position.

There are fundamental factors associated with trusted leadership, and Enlightened Leadership Solutions prides itself on developing leaders at all levels of organizations and getting breakthrough results in the process.

Here is a good and free learning video that moves you in the right direction.

You can read Seth’s full blog post here.


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