Enlightened Leadership now available on Kindle!


Yea!!! Enlightened Leadership on Kindle!

Enlightened LeadershipYes, Enlightened Leadership: Getting to the Heart of Change, which has sold nearly 250,000 copies as a hard book, is now available instantly as an ebook. No shipping costs. Not another book needing space on a shelf!

Though we’ve written other books, this one still stands out as the one that has made the greatest difference in the lives of people and the success of organizations. Twenty years after the original writing, it is now available as an ebook.

Enlightened Leadership on Kindle – Only $5.95

We want people all over the world to have easy access to the book that has already made a difference to so many. At this price, just download it as a reference book – even if you own the paper version.

Go HERE to see and buy it on Amazon.com.

Remember the quote on the back of Enlightened Leadership by one of the greatest authors of all time, Og Mandino? He said, “To be a great leader in the years to come, one must learn and apply the powerful principles in this great book … or perish.”

Get Enlightened Leadership on Kindle now!

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