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How does your team stack up to a world-class heart transplant team? How about a business team noted for breakthrough innovation? How does your team compare to a national champion football team? Or a women’s championship lacrosse team?

Well, guess what? You can find out quickly and easily. You see, my friend Dr. Carl Larson of Denver University and Dr. Frank M. J. Lafasto teamed up to study world-class teams of all kinds and discovered eight consistent Dimensions of Team Excellence that distinguished dozens of super high performance teams. The eight dimensions they discovered are:

•    Clear Elevating Goals
•    Results-Driven Structure
•    Competent Team Members
•    Unified Commitment
•    Collaborative Climate
•    Standards of Excellence
•    External Support and Recognition
•    Principled Leadership

They then developed and formally validated a Team Excellence Assessment that works similar to a 360-degree assessment, but it’s for the team and its designated leader.

The study and validation were so valuable, they published two books about it: Team Works: What Must Go Right/What Can Go Wrong and When Teams Work Best: 6,000 Team members and Leaders Tell What It Takes to Succeed.

Enlightened Leadership Solutions used the assessment with our clients for years, and it was an amazing team diagnostic tool. Unfortunately, managing the paper, the data entry, the spreadsheets, the calculations and printing the reports was a nightmare so we stopped using it.

Well, good news! We’ve now obtained the rights to use the assessment and put it online to simplify the data capture and the report generation. Each team member takes it online, and it is strictly confidential—just like the report for a 360-degree assessment.

The report compares the team average scores to that of a national mean of thousands of teams, as well as the team leader’s input.

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Many people have been asking us to tell them more about how the Team Excellence Assessment works.


Think of it as a 360-degree assessment for teams. So, the designated team leader and each of the team members takes a 15-minute online assessment independently and confidentially.

Forty of the questions have multiple choice answers like: True, More True Than False, More False Than True, and False - which correspond to numbers 1 through 4. Six of the questions require open-ended perspectives.

The system combines and averages all the answers (as well as all the textual information) and provides a report on how the team assessed itself in each of the eight categories compared to the mean of thousands of teams that have already taken it.  If your team rates itself well above the mean for all eight factors, that suggests a high-performance team, indeed.


Contact our office (Kelli) at 303-729-0540 or for information about how to register your team.

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