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We have a plan to help one million managers/owners and their organizations in 2011. We’re confident that to the extent we succeed, we’ll make a big difference to many organizations, their employees, and their families — even the economy! Maybe it will help you, too.

How are we doing this?

We’re giving away our powerful proprietary leadership tool, the Framework for (Enlightened) Leadership™ Worksheet and a 20-minute video on how to use it effectively.

Our goal is to give it away one million times and to invite people to duplicate it, watch the video, and use it all they want. You might be personally familiar with the power of the Framework for:

- turning around struggling projects or groups

-leading organizational change

-aligning dissenting groups toward common goals

-innovative problem-solving

-resolving challenging conflicts

-engaging employees for new levels of effectiveness

-inspiring performance reviews(organizational and individual)

-continuous empowered improvement

-breakthrough negotiation in tough situations

How can you help?

You can help by giving it away physically or by emailing it to key people throughout your organization, to friends who own or manage businesses/organizations, to your associations, to the leadership team of your place of worship, etc. It won’t cost you anything and it can make a big difference when someone gets the power of the tool.

The Framework Worksheet is attached as a pdf file on this blog post. Just click here to download it onto your computer. It will open in a new window.

To access the accompanying video, simply go the web address on the Worksheet, or click HERE.

We’ve got a long ways to go to reach one million giveaways, so we’d appreciate your sending the PDF file or the link ( to at least TEN PEOPLE who could use it. Or you could duplicate and pass out the hardcopy Framework Worksheet. Whatever is easier for you.

We’re grateful for your help, and we’re excited to giveaway one of the most powerful leadership tools we know!

Here’s to making a difference in 2011,

Ed Oakley and the Enlightened Leadership Solutions team.

Download the Offer Overview

Listen to the MMIL AUDIO that can change your life.

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Ed Oakley & the Enlightened Leadership team

First of all, I’ll gladly put my reputation on the line with that title.

Today I led a webinar for over 400 people in one industry that was the first in a series of 5 called Turning Managers into Leaders(The client preferred that over our trademarked Making Managers into Leaders).

We started out the webinar in a way that I’ve never done before, and it was a big hit – very empowering. It was called “Seeing Yourself and Leadership Differently.”

It reminded me of just how powerful this particular learning segment is.

So, I got to thinking as we’re close to announcing our special offer for new memberships that you might really appreciate experiencing the content that was so well received. This content has been a huge impact for so many people, just like it was for me personally decades ago when Kurt Wright of Clear Purpose Management introduced it to me. I’ve never seen it anywhere else.

We’ve pulled an audio segment of it right out of our Making Managers into Leaders paid membership files to share with you.

This process and concept can change your life and WILL be empowering. It will be worth far more than the 25 minute you’ll investment to listen to it. Our members can even download this and all our other content to their iPods or other mp3 players.

Take advantage of it now – while it’s here. No guarantee we’ll leave it up.

Listen to the audio now. Share it with your team members.

Helping you bring out the best in yourself,

Ed Oakley & the Enlightened Leadership team

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pps: we appreciate you! :-)

We’ve received some great feedback, including some suggesting we should show some sample content from our Making Managers into Leaders Institute, our online learning portal. Great idea!

First, Ed Oakley will share one more important aspect of effective leadership skill development.

Then, we will share one of our weekly learning videos, that you can use with your team as a team-based learning opportunity. Think about the value of every team member, one at a time, getting this kind of feedback. Talking about a team-building exercise!

IMPORTANT: Because the following video is in our “members only” area, you will need a password to watch the 8.5 minute video. The password is  “feedback360” without the quotes.

Watch: “Getting Awesome Feedback without Costly 360 Assessments” now.

You’ll need a password. It is …    feedback360

As always, we’d appreciate comments.

Ed Oakley and the Enlightened Leadership team

Developing your leadership skills is critical to your ongoing success and prosperity, so it is important that you understand some significant problems/challenges/issues with leadership development processes. After 23 years in the leadership development business, we are just realizing the impact of some of the issues.

It is also important that you begin to consider solutions for you and your organization. Feel free to share the video with your colleagues, and please leave your comments below:

Please share your perspectives below!

To the total health of you and your team,

Ed Oakley and the Enlightened Leadership team

Hi it’s Ed Oakley. We’ve discovered some significant problems with leadership development Read More→

Employee Engagement might be even more important this year. Ed Oakley discusses why and invites you into the conversation:

Employee Engagement practices can be quite important in your leadership skill development. Please share your thoughts about what is important to you in keeping YOU engaged. Share your disappointments and your gratitude below (comments).

Our best,

The Enlightened Leadership Team

Jonette Crowley, principal of Enlightened Leadership Solutions, shares an article she wrote about her perspectives on time management that she uses in executive and leadership training.
Jonette Crowley 2007 100pix wide

We’ve all taken various Time Management courses over the years – we
make lists, we prioritize A, B, & C; we plan to do important things not
just urgent things first. Yet the companies that we work for
unintentionally thwart our best attempts to Read More→


The Power of Leading from Gratitude

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Yesterday was Memorial Day in the United States, a very special day

when we take time to be grateful to those who gave that ultimate

sacrifice – their lives – for the freedom of the rest of us.


I was not personally involved in a major celebration. Instead, I took

extra time…

Read More→

Hi all,

It’s finally time to let you know what’s in the upcoming “Leading Change in Difficult Times” webinar series. Here is the info in 11:32 minute video:

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Printed information about the Leading Change series HERE.So, here are questions we invite you to comment on below:

What do you like about what you’ve seen or heard about this webinar series?

What else would make this course especially valuable to you, your team and your organization?

What other questions do you have?

How would being able to successfully lead your organization through significant change make a difference in your life?

Hi everyone,

Here is the 4th in our series of videos about Leading Change
in Difficult Times. We’re hope they’re providing great value.

This video focuses on the specific stage of Transition that
we call the Twilight Zone. Ed Oakley provides a couple of tips
for moving people through this stage. Enjoy!

[kml_flashembed movie="" height="311" width="437" /]

Please let us know how this was helpful to you, as well as the
questions it raised! You can email us at,
or you can leave a comment below.

Our best to you as you guide your organization through successful

The Enlightened Leadership Team