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If you know the work of Enlightened Leadership Solutions, you know that we believe–and have experienced many times–that leadership can come from anywhere in an organization, from any level.

We challenge people to look at the kind of leadership they provide, with the knowledge that others in the organization are watching them and taking cues from them about what is important and valued, based on the behaviors they observe. Without integrity, an organization is eventually doomed to failure–karma, if you will.

In these dramatically changing times, individuals with integrity are beginning to step up as courageous leaders to challenge the direction of their firms.  An example is the recent exposé of Goldman Sachs by Greg Smith, in his op-ed to the New York Times called, “Why I Am Leaving Goldman Sachs.”

Our personal integrity (or lack thereof) has a trickle-down or trickle-up effect on many people. How we do or do not demonstrate integrity sends a message about who we are. How does the lack of integrity affect us as individuals? That’s our focus today.

I had an example of low integrity this weekend that really got me thinking about this. It turned out to be a real gift, even though that was not my first reaction.

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