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We have a plan to help one million managers/owners and their organizations in 2011. We’re confident that to the extent we succeed, we’ll make a big difference to many organizations, their employees, and their families — even the economy! Maybe it will help you, too.

How are we doing this?

We’re giving away our powerful proprietary leadership tool, the Framework for (Enlightened) Leadership™ Worksheet and a 20-minute video on how to use it effectively.

Our goal is to give it away one million times and to invite people to duplicate it, watch the video, and use it all they want. You might be personally familiar with the power of the Framework for:

- turning around struggling projects or groups

-leading organizational change

-aligning dissenting groups toward common goals

-innovative problem-solving

-resolving challenging conflicts

-engaging employees for new levels of effectiveness

-inspiring performance reviews(organizational and individual)

-continuous empowered improvement

-breakthrough negotiation in tough situations

How can you help?

You can help by giving it away physically or by emailing it to key people throughout your organization, to friends who own or manage businesses/organizations, to your associations, to the leadership team of your place of worship, etc. It won’t cost you anything and it can make a big difference when someone gets the power of the tool.

The Framework Worksheet is attached as a pdf file on this blog post. Just click here to download it onto your computer. It will open in a new window.

To access the accompanying video, simply go the web address on the Worksheet, or click HERE.

We’ve got a long ways to go to reach one million giveaways, so we’d appreciate your sending the PDF file or the link ( to at least TEN PEOPLE who could use it. Or you could duplicate and pass out the hardcopy Framework Worksheet. Whatever is easier for you.

We’re grateful for your help, and we’re excited to giveaway one of the most powerful leadership tools we know!

Here’s to making a difference in 2011,

Ed Oakley and the Enlightened Leadership Solutions team.

A frequent question relates to types of change
and size of organization that “Leading Change
in Difficult Times” best fits.

Watch this six minute video to get that clarification!

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Just three more days before we close registration.

Let us know any questions you might have below!

The Enlightened Leadership Team

Hi Everyone,

Thanks to some feedback from a true friend, we realize we didn’t tell you what actually would be in the “Leading Change in Difficult Times” webinar series by module. Duh! That’s a problem, and the video below addresses that.

If the series contents interest you, then please watch the 10:30 video below, OR READ the information below the video.

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To register for the webinar series, GO HERE

Written Information About the “Leading Change in Difficult Times” is below:

Well, I’m a little embarassed. I received some pretty important
feedback a little while ago that I had not given you enough Read More→


Leading Change: NOT for Everyone!

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Hi everyone!

I had some insights this weekend about the “Leading Change in Difficult Times” webinar series and who might NOT be interested.

Watch the 5:29 video to see where you fit.

It will tell you how to get OFF the list for additional info and how to learn more if you want!

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Go HERE to sign up for more information about “Leading Change…”
Thanks for letting us know either way!Ed Oakley

Hi all,

It’s finally time to let you know what’s in the upcoming “Leading Change in Difficult Times” webinar series. Here is the info in 11:32 minute video:

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Printed information about the Leading Change series HERE.So, here are questions we invite you to comment on below:

What do you like about what you’ve seen or heard about this webinar series?

What else would make this course especially valuable to you, your team and your organization?

What other questions do you have?

How would being able to successfully lead your organization through significant change make a difference in your life?

Hi everyone,

Here is the 4th in our series of videos about Leading Change
in Difficult Times. We’re hope they’re providing great value.

This video focuses on the specific stage of Transition that
we call the Twilight Zone. Ed Oakley provides a couple of tips
for moving people through this stage. Enjoy!

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Please let us know how this was helpful to you, as well as the
questions it raised! You can email us at,
or you can leave a comment below.

Our best to you as you guide your organization through successful

The Enlightened Leadership Team

Hi all,

We hope you are getting value from these videos on
Leading Change. It is such a critical factor in how we
will weather the storms of the economy as organizations
and invidividuals.

Video #3 discusses the three Primary Organizational
Systems. Any one or all three might be impacted by a
major change effort, yet it is unrealistic for us to address
the issues of all three, or even two, at the same time.

The video discusses the importance of determining the
system that it is the greatest constraint to successful
change – whether it be Strategy, Structure or Behavior.

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Please give us your comments below, or email them to Also, make sure you have signed up on at least one of
the videos so you’ll get them all.
Soon, we’ll be providing details about the webinar series.

To your successful change!

The Enlightened Leadership Team
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Hi everyone,

Change, change and more change. Of course the real issue
is the psychological and emotional challenges that our people
go through during change.

This second video in our series starts to address this transition that people
(you, me, our employees, families, etc.) WILL go through.

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Enjoy and see how you can value from the information.

Be sure to give us your comments below, or email us at

To YOUR successful change efforts!

The Enlightened Leadership Team


7 Steps to Successful Change Initiatives

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Hello everyone,

We’re ready to start sending you some free videos about “Leading Change in Difficult Times.”

The first video is called “7 Steps to Successful Change Initiatives.” This video will give you a bit of overview about how to address major change.

CRITICAL! Be sure to sign up so you’ll get the additional videos, as well.

ALSO! Notice that there is a download link for a handout below the video.


The Enlightened Leadership Team

Change Management at Enlightened Leadership Solutions

If you are reading this, you’re probably faced with change – much of it driven by the worldwide economic crisis. As a leader, whether in your personal or professional life, you may be facing major organizational challenges.

The reality is that change, itself, is Read More→