If you know the work of Enlightened Leadership Solutions, you know that we believe–and have experienced many times–that leadership can come from anywhere in an organization, from any level.

We challenge people to look at the kind of leadership they provide, with the knowledge that others in the organization are watching them and taking cues from them about what is important and valued, based on the behaviors they observe. Without integrity, an organization is eventually doomed to failure–karma, if you will.

In these dramatically changing times, individuals with integrity are beginning to step up as courageous leaders to challenge the direction of their firms.  An example is the recent exposé of Goldman Sachs by Greg Smith, in his op-ed to the New York Times called, “Why I Am Leaving Goldman Sachs.”

Our personal integrity (or lack thereof) has a trickle-down or trickle-up effect on many people. How we do or do not demonstrate integrity sends a message about who we are. How does the lack of integrity affect us as individuals? That’s our focus today.

I had an example of low integrity this weekend that really got me thinking about this. It turned out to be a real gift, even though that was not my first reaction.

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Seth Godin has provided some interesting and highly probably insights about the impact of our shifting from the industrial society to a connection society. There are many implications for our entire society,

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but especially those people who depend upon manufacturing for jobs.

Because we’re in the middle of a shift to a connected society, manufacturing can happen anywhere. Anyone can virtually design, have manufactured cheaply and sell products from wherever they happen to be. They no longer need to be associated with the factory. More and more, we won’t need the factories. Sorry, but I think he is right.

So, what’s the opportunity? Read More→

I woke up this morning with a clarity that I should share with you some of the fascinating

Courage & Map of Consciousness

Is this courage or what!

leadership research I’ve been doing over the last six months.

Have you heard of the Map of Consciousness? I doubt it. It’s not exactly mainstream, yet it is quite profound. And it has a huge impact on personal behaviors and performance. Therefore, it relates to a huge leadership issue and opportunity.

Dr. David Hawkins, MD, wrote Power vs Force: the Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior in 1995, and introduced the Map of Consciousness in it. I’ll call it MOC.

The MOC is a logarithmic scale 1 to 1,000 that defines levels of consciousness and the characteristics of each level. Depending upon your current level of consciousness, your behaviors and performance–both supportive and limiting–will follow.

FYI: your MOC number can be measured. How? Read More→

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This article offers a downloadable book for improving communication skill. This is such a critical soft skill of good leaders that we should all take time to develop our communication skill. The book is not free, but it is quite inexpensive and numerous reviewers have touted it’s quality. Check out some of those reviews.

The truth is that there is no quick fix to poor communication skills, or any other soft skills, but knowing specific strategies to improve them can make a big difference.

The reality is that communication skills are developed slowly and with deliberate effort, and even the most gifted speakers may feel that there is at least

We would love to have your feedback about this ebook on communication skill, a critical soft skill for a good leader. Please let us know what you think. How clear is it? How effective are the communication tools and strategies? Would you recommend it to others? If so, what specific levels of leadership?

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Yea!!! Enlightened Leadership on Kindle!

Enlightened LeadershipYes, Enlightened Leadership: Getting to the Heart of Change, which has sold nearly 250,000 copies as a hard book, is now available instantly as an ebook. No shipping costs. Not another book needing space on a shelf!

Though we’ve written other books, this one still stands out as the one that has made the greatest difference in the lives of people and the success of organizations. Twenty years after the original writing, it is now available as an ebook.

Enlightened Leadership on Kindle – Only $5.95

We want people all over the world to have easy access to the book that has already made a difference to so many. At this price, just download it as a reference book – even if you own the paper version.

Go HERE to see and buy it on Amazon.com.

Remember the quote on the back of Enlightened Leadership by one of the greatest authors of all time, Og Mandino? He said, “To be a great leader in the years to come, one must learn and apply the powerful principles in this great book … or perish.”

Get Enlightened Leadership on Kindle now!

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We have a plan to help one million managers/owners and their organizations in 2011. We’re confident that to the extent we succeed, we’ll make a big difference to many organizations, their employees, and their families — even the economy! Maybe it will help you, too.

How are we doing this?

We’re giving away our powerful proprietary leadership tool, the Framework for (Enlightened) Leadership™ Worksheet and a 20-minute video on how to use it effectively.

Our goal is to give it away one million times and to invite people to duplicate it, watch the video, and use it all they want. You might be personally familiar with the power of the Framework for:

- turning around struggling projects or groups

-leading organizational change

-aligning dissenting groups toward common goals

-innovative problem-solving

-resolving challenging conflicts

-engaging employees for new levels of effectiveness

-inspiring performance reviews(organizational and individual)

-continuous empowered improvement

-breakthrough negotiation in tough situations

How can you help?

You can help by giving it away physically or by emailing it to key people throughout your organization, to friends who own or manage businesses/organizations, to your associations, to the leadership team of your place of worship, etc. It won’t cost you anything and it can make a big difference when someone gets the power of the tool.

The Framework Worksheet is attached as a pdf file on this blog post. Just click here to download it onto your computer. It will open in a new window.

To access the accompanying video, simply go the web address on the Worksheet, or click HERE.

We’ve got a long ways to go to reach one million giveaways, so we’d appreciate your sending the PDF file or the link (http://budurl.com/framework251) to at least TEN PEOPLE who could use it. Or you could duplicate and pass out the hardcopy Framework Worksheet. Whatever is easier for you.

We’re grateful for your help, and we’re excited to giveaway one of the most powerful leadership tools we know!

Here’s to making a difference in 2011,

Ed Oakley and the Enlightened Leadership Solutions team.


The 100-Day Challenge!

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The last 100 days of 2010, I did this 100 Day Challenge and found it very useful for keeping me focused on the results I wanted to accomplish. I know I got much closer to the goals because of it.

The quality of the program is excellent. I recommend it for any important goal you might have.

Check out the video to see if this might help you excel over the most important 100 days of the new year – the FIRST ones! It’s so important to get a great start. It defines the entire year!

If it sounds interesting to you, get more information by clicking here.

Either way, may your first 100 days of 2011 be an awesome start to your greatest year yet.

The Enlightened Leadership Team

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As I’ve enjoyed family time in the mountains of Colorado (the snow is excellent this year!), I have realized the importance of completing 2010 and mentally preparing for 2011—before I’m in the middle of it.

So I took time over several sittings, using our Framework for Review and Planning, to do just that. The process was so inspiring and mind-clearing that I thought I should suggest it to you.

Now I realize that you’ve already done review and planning with your key team and this does not replace that. What this does is completes the past year in your own mind, in such a way that is encouraging and inspiring—regardless of how your year went. It also clarifies new year strategies and tactics in a way that clears your mind and readies you for specific action.

One more comment before sharing the process: you might want to do this separately for different parts of your life: business, personal, relational, etc.

So, here is the process:

  1. Think about “What worked or is working” from this past year. I went back through my 2010 calendar to remind myself of some of the activities over the year. From those, I was reminded of successes, small and large, that I then captured onto my list. This list will be long and encouraging. Seldom do we give ourselves enough credit for our successes. I actually did this process over two days. Sleeping on my initial list allowed for some additional processing and insights overnight. I probably spent a total of an hour during this step.
  2. As I captured each success, I often realized the next steps in order to take advantage of the initial success.  Then I would scroll down on the page (on the computer for editing ease), create a Step 5, which is “What can I do more, better, or differently to move closer to my objectives?” Whenever I had an insight about additional steps, I captured it right away. This is incredibly freeing for the mind, as I knew I wasn’t going to lose those insights. By time I finished my long list of successes, I had an accompanying long list of action steps—many of which were, “Plan how to utilize XYZ success.”
  3. While I could have stopped the process right there and still received a great deal of value, I knew a bit more work would go a long way towards achieving my goals. So I went to Step 3: “What are my primary objectives for 2011?” Again, I already knew these objectives, but there is a special value in revisiting them from the standpoint of successes I had had over previous months. Sure enough, the creativity that was opened up by remembering a lot of successes in a short period of time gave me fresh insights about 2011 objectives. Those new insights were particularly inspiring.
  4. Step 3 was so useful that I decided to spend a few additional minutes on Step 4, which is “What are the benefits to all stakeholders for accomplishing the objectives?” In my case, there was nothing earth-shaking here, but worth reflecting about.
  5. That brings us again to Step 5, which is mostly complete. Nevertheless, I reflected again, based on new clarity of the objectives, “What can I do more, better or different to move closer to those objectives?” New action steps came up, several of which required some additional thought and planning. Even though the action list was long and a bit daunting, how freeing it was to get it down on paper, thus freeing my mind to enjoy my family time, knowing I was ready and excited to launch into the new year.

This didn’t feel like work to me. It was quite encouraging, inspiring, and energizing. I encourage you to give yourself this gift. It likely won’t take more than an hour or two over a couple of days. If it takes more time than that, it will be because you’re so engaged that you want to put more time into it! Enjoy the process.

We are so grateful for our subscribers and we wish you the most joy-filled and prosperous 2011.

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How does your team stack up to a world-class heart transplant team? How about a business team noted for breakthrough innovation? How does your team compare to a national champion football team? Or a women’s championship lacrosse team?

Well, guess what? You can find out quickly and easily. You see, my friend Dr. Carl Larson of Denver University and Dr. Frank M. J. Lafasto teamed up to study world-class teams of all kinds and discovered eight consistent Dimensions of Team Excellence that distinguished dozens of super high performance teams. The eight dimensions they discovered are:

•    Clear Elevating Goals
•    Results-Driven Structure
•    Competent Team Members
•    Unified Commitment
•    Collaborative Climate
•    Standards of Excellence
•    External Support and Recognition
•    Principled Leadership

They then developed and formally validated a Team Excellence Assessment that works similar to a 360-degree assessment, but it’s for the team and its designated leader.

The study and validation were so valuable, they published two books about it: Team Works: What Must Go Right/What Can Go Wrong and When Teams Work Best: 6,000 Team members and Leaders Tell What It Takes to Succeed.

Enlightened Leadership Solutions used the assessment with our clients for years, and it was an amazing team diagnostic tool. Unfortunately, managing the paper, the data entry, the spreadsheets, the calculations and printing the reports was a nightmare so we stopped using it.

Well, good news! We’ve now obtained the rights to use the assessment and put it online to simplify the data capture and the report generation. Each team member takes it online, and it is strictly confidential—just like the report for a 360-degree assessment.

The report compares the team average scores to that of a national mean of thousands of teams, as well as the team leader’s input.

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Many people have been asking us to tell them more about how the Team Excellence Assessment works.


Think of it as a 360-degree assessment for teams. So, the designated team leader and each of the team members takes a 15-minute online assessment independently and confidentially.

Forty of the questions have multiple choice answers like: True, More True Than False, More False Than True, and False - which correspond to numbers 1 through 4. Six of the questions require open-ended perspectives.

The system combines and averages all the answers (as well as all the textual information) and provides a report on how the team assessed itself in each of the eight categories compared to the mean of thousands of teams that have already taken it.  If your team rates itself well above the mean for all eight factors, that suggests a high-performance team, indeed.


Contact our office (Kelli) at 303-729-0540 or contactus@enleadership.com for information about how to register your team.

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